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Galway Computer Repairs

We repair all major brands (excluding Apple).

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

No Fix, No Fee

Windows 10 end of support options available: Upgrade to Windows 11 or Linux

Galway Computer Repairs


Galway Computer Repairs provide professional, reliable computer repair and system upgrade services to customers throughout Galway and the surrounding areas. We work with private individuals and small businesses, repairing a number of issues from viruses and slow operating systems to cracked screens and if we can’t fix it – there is no fee.

Virus Removal

Hardware Upgrades (SSD upgrade, RAM increase etc.)

Printer Set-Up

Free Advice

Solutions to WiFi problems

Screen Repair

System Clean (Increase Speed)

Pick-Up & Drop Off Service

Revival of old computers (Old computers revived using Linux OS)

Pop-up program removals

System upgrade (Latest windows upgrade)

Data Recovery

Free Laptop/Desktop loan during repair

Linux OS installed on new/old computers

We aim to be as flexible as possible and will always do our utmost to ensure your desktop or laptop is returned to you, fully repaired, as soon as possible.


For your convenience, we provide a computer on loan for free if your desktop or laptop needs to be taken away to be repaired. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Desktop and Laptop repairs and upgrades

Galway Computer Repairs offer a repair and/or upgrade service for all major desktop brands (excluding Apple), such as:

We also provide a leading laptop repair and/or upgrade service to individuals and small businesses throughout Galway and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on being efficient, reliable and affordable and we will even give you a spare laptop/desktop to lend free of charge if your computer needs to be taken away for repair

We can action a variety of common issues, including viruses, cracked screens and slow operating speeds. We also provide data recovery, windows upgrade services, hardware updates, system upgrades and old computer revival. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.



Intel Corporation







Desktop Repairs & Upgrades

About Linux

Linux is a viable alternative to Microsoft Windows. It is open source which means that the installation, media and all of its software are free for anyone to use. There is no license fee or subscription requirement and no built in spyware. Linux is far more secure than other operating systems due to its design and does not require antivirus software.

All software comes from a software centre which is thoroughly checked for viruses. Linux supports major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and many others.
Linux has free software for word processing, spreadsheets, accounts, video/music creation and playback, photo manipulation and a host of others for your daily needs.

Linux requires less resources than Windows or Mac and, as such, is suitable to run on older computers as well as high powered ones. It does not get slower over time as its files do not fragment and it does not build up temporary files, meaning that it always runs at the same speed as the day you install it. Linux does not need to be restarted every time it updates and never asks you to wait while it does.

Linux can run for several years without a restart and, on the seldom occasion it requires one, it restarts immediately.
Running a Linux operating system means that you choose exactly which software is on your computer; you have total control. It does not come with bloatware and annoying pop ups. You can save money by installing it on an older computer instead of buying a new one.

With Linux you are the User not the Product.


Feed a repair or upgrade service for your desktop/laptop? Get in contact with us now.


Printer Set-Up

We often find that those who have recently bought a printer have issues with setting it up. If you have found yourself in this situation, Galway Computer Repairs can visit you on-site and set up your new printer for you. We offer our printer set-up services to customers throughout Galway and the surrounding areas.

Printer Set-Up

Need a printer set-up service? Contact us today.


Contact US

Galway Computer Repairs
Craughwell, Co. Galway
IE, H91 FK0T

087 242 8188


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